iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2017: Jury Decision


The winners in the two categories of the new iphiGenia Gender Design Award/iGDA for outstanding gender-sensitive design have been selected: the iGDA Evolution goes to young New York-based company thinx and their innovative products for “real menstruating humans”. The agency Mindshare Denmark will be honoured with the iGDA Revolution for their Image Hack campaign that challenges stereotypical imagery associated with women. The award is presented by the international Gender Design Network/iGDN.



A summary and impressions of last year’s award ceremony (2017)


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office@genderdesign.orgTel: +49 (0)221 251297 Interviews can be arranged with:– Prof. Dr. Uta Brandes, iGDN Chair– Prof. Katja Becker, Jury Chair 



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