iphiGenia Gender Design Award 2018

on November 8th at 7 PM at the

MAKK (Museum of Applied Art) Cologne


admission is free, doors open at 6 PM.


We are extremely pleased to present the iphiGenia Gender Design Award for gender-sensitive design for the second time.


The winners are:


Aesop (category Evolution): The globally operating company for body-care products impresses with the gender-sensitive designs of their products, corporate communication and outstanding architecture.


A Women’s Thing (category Revolution): Located in New York and published and designed by renowned international journalists and designers, the magazine surprises with unconventional gender topics and a highly innovative visual language.


notamuse (new: category Volition for young design talents): This Masters’ thesis of three design students is an impressive publication about women in graphic design as self-confident protagonists.




Guest speaker: Robert Franken, consultant (Male Feminists Europe, #HeForShe Germany, amongst others). He supports companies in digital change, focusing on diversity and gender equality.


Hosting: Dr. Petra Hesse, MAKK

Intro and Chair: Prof. Uta Brandes

Board Members: Prof. Uta Brandes, Claudia Herling, Uta Flick

Laudation: Prof. Uta Brandes, Claudia Herling, Ina von Rumohr, Prof. Katja Becker, Dr. Florian Conradi

Moderation: Tanja Godlewsky und Prof. Michael Erlhoff

Projection Show: Michael Herling


The winners will be present.

Free admission.




curious? Find more on genderdesign.org:

Interview with iphiGenia winner / Evoltion:  Aesop

Interview with iphiGenia winner / Revolution: A Women's Thing

Interview with iphiGenia winner / volition: notamuse


Interview with trophy Designer Naama Agassi







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